Aftermarket choke tubes or just use the factory flush chokes?
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By Shifty - 4/21/2013 11:43:09 AM
Hi, I just bought a Winchester sx3. It came with the browning chokes but I don't know if I should invest in a aftermarket. Any feed back would be great. Thanks
By ESutter - 4/21/2013 9:56:48 PM
I shoot Browning's factory tubes out of my Maxus and am very happy. I generally use IC (we like the close shots) but have also used the MOD out to around 40 yards with no issues. I shoot XPert 3" 4s for ducks and XPert 3.5" BB for geese.

Other than that...hit up a patterning board. Good luck with the new purchase!
By Its Me! - 4/28/2013 6:33:06 PM
I say get some Carlson extended waterfowl chokes. You won't regret it.
By Shifty - 4/28/2013 9:09:50 PM
Thanks ill look into those!
By DuckDestroyer - 5/30/2013 5:02:47 AM
x2 on the Carlson's waterfowl chokes and Cabela's usually has them on sale
By greywulff - 6/2/2013 5:24:42 PM
I have Carlsons on a Benelli Nova, BPS, and Winchester 1300. They all pattern better that the factory tubes.