A little training success – Train the dog, Train the wife

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By Jeff - Mars - 9/9/2012 8:54:43 PM
Well who knew early goose season started here in PA on labor day – I’m still learning the hunting laws up here. The Newly Wife, Ginger – our 9 month Chessie, and myself went on our first official hunt without decoys this weekend. My wife had never done this before so we trained a little the day before. Here I am training a dog and now my wife. We get out there and naturally a thunderstorm blows through. We tough it out and Ginger did great. Luckily my newly wife’s father was a big muskie fisherman and she was use to rainy weather. But note to self be sure to bring her rain gear next time. Well we waited and little action flying over. My wife wanted to try some calling again and then we hear them in the back ground. She starts calling Ginger is chewing on her bone. I grab my gun and Ginger lights up. Sure enough the group flies over and 4 geese fly in for my wife’s calling. I pop 2 and Ginger heads right out and retrieves the geese, 2 awesome training success stories what a great morning.