Stripped wheat fields
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By PJosh - 8/3/2012 9:01:31 AM
Hey guys, 
The landowner of my biggest hunting area recently switched to a stripper head for cutting wheat and I have yet to see a single goose in any of these fields. As a result I've counted 7-800 acres of wheat field a loss for early goose season. Anyone have any suggestions regarding stripped wheat fields? 
By ag361606 - 8/3/2012 9:28:48 PM
I made a similar point earlier in another thread but if geese are overpressured in your area you might need to rethink hunting fields. If its not an option than I would suggest using excellent camo including natural vegetation and no movement along with little to no calling and small " family groups" of decoys spread out far ( 5 or 6 feet between dekes and 50 or 60 feet) between family groups. Mostly feeders and use a few sentries. This has worked for us in the past to pull in the local geese on their way to their favorite suburban yard or parking lot but never great success. It's hard hunting when the birds want to be within city limits stuffing their faces with grass pond critters, Big Mac wrappers etc. 
By PJosh - 8/4/2012 9:50:30 AM
No real over presurring here, just a few hunters in a big county (especially early season). Largest town for 45 miles is 2,000 so no suburban distractions. I've got other options, but the wheat acreage I once had was about 3/4 of my wheat fields in this county which is part of an august management season. Plus I like to shoot my geese during goose only season and mostly switch over to ducks when that season opens and no corn has been cut by then, so it's all wheat fields.